Know about reusable coffee cups to go

When we order a coffee to go, it is logical to think that the paper or cardboard cup in which it is served to us is 100% recyclable, but although it may not seem like it, these cups usually have a thin waterproof layer of polyethylene plastic that is very difficult to separate of cardboard, and this makes it difficult to recycle later.

If we want to reduce the use of these cups, we have two alternatives that are within everyone’s reach: firstly, drink it in a cup on the premises and not order it to take away, and the second solution would be to start using reusable cups.

Buying and using Reusable Coffee Cup practice is not only advantageous for environmental reasons, but also because it leads to a significant reduction in costs for bars and cafes.  So much is the saving, that many businesses have already joined in encouraging the use of this type of reusable packaging at a discount.

Another valid reason to stop using disposable coffee cups is that reusable containers do not require plastic lids.

Reusable Coffee Cup

Models of reusable glasses and cups

Surely you have noticed that it is increasingly common to see the sale of reusable cups in shops or catering establishments.  There is a wide variety of options on the market with different characteristics that can be adapted to your tastes and needs.  Here are some aspects that you should take into account when choosing a reusable cup:

Material: this is one of the most important characteristics when choosing our reusable cup, since weight, cleaning, temperature transfer, etc. will depend on the type of material.  There are models made of porcelain, glass, BPA-free plastic materials and there are even those made of bamboo fiber.

Easy cleaning: unlike glass and porcelain, plastic cups need a more vigorous cleaning so that they do not take on the smell of coffee or take on another color inside.

Weight: obviously, the models of glasses made of glass or porcelain will weigh more than those made of plastic.

Design: this aspect will depend entirely on our tastes.  There is a wide variety of designs that range from leak-proof coffee thermoses, cups with a handle and hermetic closure or even some that look almost the same as the traditional paper ones.

Transfer of heat: if you like your coffee very hot, porcelain or glass will transfer heat to the touch.  However, there are some models that have a rubber or silicone handle that prevents the coffee from burning your hand.

If you are someone who advocates living in a sustainable environment, then using a reusable cup could be your first step to an eco-friendly living. So, don’t think anymore. Talk to yourself and people too.