7 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress

Advantages and Disadvantages of buying pocket sprung mattresses

Always remembering that modern spring mattresses are completely different from those of the past, if you are used to sleeping on “traditional” mattresses perhaps pocket springs will be able to better meet your needs.

Furthermore, our models have been optimized with the inclusion of memory foam or Ecocell layers in their structure, increasing their pleasantness and comfort 7 zone pocket spring mattress.

The almost instantaneous response of the springs to the stresses of the body is the other advantage of these mattresses. If you are looking for a double mattress this type of mattress could be for you being able to distribute the weight evenly and support any type of body even in the case of two people with very different physical characteristics.

The further advantage of these mattresses concerns breathability: inside the quality pocket spring mattresses there is a structure that promotes transpiration, ensuring the dispersion of moisture and heat generated by the bodies.

It is not possible to detect any real disadvantages in mattresses with pocket springs : all models have been designed to ensure optimal sleep as much as possible.

More than disadvantages, we should say that a lot depends on our habits.

7 Zone Pocket Spring Mattress

If you want a mattress in which the softness of its structure is greater, perhaps it is convenient then it is advisable to evaluate a memory foam mattress. For those who prefer stiffer and more resistant mattresses that keep their composition unaltered and do not change during the movements of those who sleep, then those with pocket springs are certainly the best.

Now let’s answer a question that is often asked of us: “ Is it true that spring mattresses deform? The answer is “no”, but we certainly advise you not to buy models that are too cheap for two fundamental reasons:

The effect of “curved mattresses” could be verified very easily;

It compromises the quality of your rest.

pocket spring mattresses

As we have previously pointed out, the mattresses with 600-880 independent pocket springs are the guarantee for a peaceful and relaxing rest. Secilflex has created an entire line of pocket spring mattresses, to satisfy the sleeping habits of its customers.

For example, the normal mattress is not suitable in very cold places or where it is cold most of the year. This is due to the fact that, as mentioned, the characteristic of this mattress is to give freshness but if the environment is already nice and fresh, it could then be too cold.