3 room condo price singapore

Benefits of living in condos:

Living in a single-family house is quite different from living in condos. You know there are a lot of factors involved when comes to the condo and house way of living.  If your house gets repaired, unfortunately, then you have to bear the cost solely. But it is what not happened while buying condos. The condos homeowner association will take your responsibility to some extent being a member of the association. Remember that buying a condo like 3 room condo price singapore is nothing but buying a share of the entire condo community over there. This is why monitoring the exact location, facilities and lifestyles do matter before going to buy a condo.

choose a standard Condo over an EC

Some pros to know about living in condos:

  • Actually, before going to think about living in condos like 3 room condo price singapore, you have to make sure that whether these condos are suitable to your lifestyle and your budget or not. This is why knowing some key benefits of condo living needs to know now.
  • If you want the low maintenance of living, then condo buy is the best choice. In individual houses, you have to take care of everything for the damages caused which is not required for condos way of living. Here you are buying the share actually within a group of the condo community. So, condo owners will assist you and sort out your problem. This is why higher maintenance is out of the question when comes to living in condos.
  • You know in condo communities, you will be having a good 24-hour security staff, and it’s tough for outsiders to enter into the condo community that much easier. So, don’t worry about the security while living in condos. Moreover, most single people love to prefer these condos today.
  • You can meet socially with all your neighbors in this condo community at one place regularly. And this is not seen in single house living and unable to visit neighbors daily unless and until with a motive of essential meeting.
  • Property taxes for condos are also low compared to individual houses taxes. Besides having ownership, taxes are also reasonable when deciding to buy condos.


Like all other apartment living, these condo communities do provide sufficient amenities like a gym, pool, dog parks, etc. Hope the benefits might make you think how affordable and a wise move to live in condos. All you need to focus on selecting the best condo association services is equally needed to enjoy the benefits. Research and enquire about the condo’s mode of living is also beneficial at this point.