Necessary Things you didn’t know about Parrots

Necessary Things you didn’t know about Parrots

A lot of people get a pet parrot knowing that it’s easy to pet compared to a cat or dog. Yet you must know some important things before deciding to have one.

Things you must know before having a parrot:

  • Not all parrots are created equal

It’s necessary to remember that various types of parrots are different species. This may be obvious, yet it means when considering parrot species you must remember comparing a macaw and cockatiel. It is like comparing a monkey and a dog. Smaller parrots as a general rule are easier since they can be left to their devices for prolonged periods. They have less distinct dietary needs and are more easily entertained. Larger parrot-like macaw must have new toys every day.

  • Parrots have wings

It is instinctual that birds need to fly and not only do they enjoy yet it’s a great form of exercise. Bigger parrots must have a wider space to fly. Inside birdcages must have enough room for your bird to flap their wings easily. Parrots must also have a wider flight aviary or outside of cage time to let them stretch their wings. How usual they should fly? Whenever they like to, yet that’s not always possible. So it is necessary to make sure they have flight time at least once daily.


  • Parrots have species-particular dietary needs

Parrots’ major diet must consist of a formulated pellet. Made particularly for their natural or species diet type. Besides, on the species, this must be supplemented sometimes up to 80% with vegetables or fruits. Seeds and Nuts must only make up a small part of the diet.

  • Parrot behavior is complex

Parrot body language just like humans is complicated yet having a good understanding of what your parrot wanted to tell. It will make you and their life happier. Just like people various birds will show different body language. Once your bird is pinning her or his eyes with wings slightly out, flared tail, low body position. And is hissing it means they’re angry or scared. While if they’re pinning their eyes and bobbing from side to side a little, it means they’re excited to see you. Birds are very intelligent, it makes them very fun pets. Yet also means they must have many puzzles, toys, attention, and family time.

  • Parrots live a longer time

Parrot’s life duration differs between the species. Yet even our small cockatiel friends can live for 20 years. This only means that if you have a large parrot in your 30’s you’re potentially having a lifelong commitment.

  • Buy pet insurance

The last thing you might be worried about, should your parrot become poorly is escalating fees in vet. That’s why it is necessary to have pet insurance to have your pet’s security.

  • Parrots are born in the dark

Until 2 weeks after they’re born, parrots don’t open their eyes. Yet, they’re very discerning during this early stage in their lives. And can use their various senses to know their surroundings.

  • Parrots don’t have vocal cords

Parrots are known to be talkative pets, yet not because of vocal cords. They speak by managing both the muscles in their throat. And the airflow that is in and out of their bodies.

When you’re planning to buy a Talkie Parrot, make sure you know its history. Ask whether they had any temperament issues or illnesses before. Once the bird had a lot of owners, it means that those owners may have problems with the bird. Many owners can also affect the bird’s mental health that may lead to potential physical problems. Also, research your parrot’s care needs carefully, to have a healthy, happy, and long life.