Your Guide to Commercial Litigation Attorney!

Your Guide to Commercial Litigation Attorney!

Legal Sector is quite vast, and it often baffles an amateur. There are thousands of terms that appear to be strikingly similar and confusing. For instance, the word Commercial litigation is quite confusing, and the attorneys involved in this sector are dedicated to it. Here we bring you the complete guide about commercial litigation attorney

  • Definition

A Commercial Litigation is a conflict between two individuals with no involvement in criminal charges. One party expects the other to compensate through money or some action or statement. It is referred to as commercial when one party is involved in a corporation or a business. There are specialized attorneys trained for such cases. Cases like these don’t take much time to receive a judgment.

commercial litigation attorney

  • Procedure

The litigation starts with both the parties hiring their respective attorneys. These attorneys. Both these attorneys start investigating each other’s matters to find enough proof. The person filing a case against the other party is called the plaintiff. The attorney of the plaintiff usually quotes a certain amount as compensation. On failing to find a valid reason, the other party has to pay the amount if quoted by the judge. Both the attorneys start trying their cases on the judge. The judge would opt for the fair side. Depending on the party that wins, the other party has to pay the compensation money. The compensation modus operandi of the case differs with each case, and we cannot generalize the steps involved.

Few Examples of Commercial Litigation

  • Breach of Code of Conduct
  • Dispute between the partners in a business
  • Dishonesty
  • Construction Disputes
  • Employee and Employer Cases
  • Fraud and Scams
  • Shareholder Cases
  • Tax Disputes
  • Unhealthy Competitive Actions
  • Aviation Issues

Though we cannot generalize the type of cases mentioned here, these are the leading cases that fall under the category of Commercial Litigation.

Apart from the above-formulated guide, there are many subtle details involved in Commercial Litigation. Though the examples are provided, this type of case is extensively filed in the aviation sector. The aviation sector is full of issues; many cases of breach of code of conduct by the captains and first officers are reported every day. As the lives of lakhs of people are involved, the compensation amount is also high. Before jumping into a case, research well about the terms and conditions involved, as citing one wrong statement could lead to the downfall of your case. Choosing the appropriate attorney is also a vital step.