Therapy to restore the skin texture

Therapy to restore the skin texture

Your body has enormous resources for self-regeneration – one example is the innovative therapy with the use of PRP preparations. Fast and effective regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin, clear smoothing of wrinkles, strengthening of the effects of other treatments – are the main advantages of this application at Regenerer. The key is the preparation that is prepared based on the blood drawn from the patient.

In old age it is very important to properly care for the skin tissue, ie to regenerate. Platelets in the tissue play a key role in renewing, tightening or maintaining a smooth surface of the skin, among other things. In addition, they contain growth factors that are released after platelet activation and act as an important regulating element in regeneration and healing processes. This is the property of platelet-rich plasma therapy, a concentration of platelets and growth factors is formed from the patient’s blood, which is then injected into the affected tissue to accelerate the natural healing process.

The rich platelet concentrate is used in mesotherapy, combines with the previously collected fatty tissue, fills wrinkles or is used for auto transplantation. It should be noted that the combination of platelet-rich plasma with autologous fat ensures the best adaptation of the adipose tissue at the administration site and minimizes the risk of later resorption.

PRP-rich platelet plasma concentrate can be used in several treatments for the face and scalp: to improve quality, to emphasize the cheekbones, to restore lost volume, to fill in deep wrinkles.

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Lipofiling with PRP guarantees permanent filling of wrinkles that do not have to be repeated after a few months as with other fillers. This treatment offers the most spectacular effects, in which the skin becomes more elastic, looks healthier and the number of wrinkles is reduced. During an innovative treatment, you can achieve the effects of lifting, revitalization and permanent filling with your fat cells. The optimal rejuvenation effect is already visible after a few months and lasts for up to 3 years depending on lifestyle and skincare. It should be emphasized that the effect is already visible after one treatment.

Mesotherapy of the face and scalp from rich blood plasma PRP

Three scalp mesotherapy treatments are recommended for best results. The second procedure is possible after 3 months from the first and the third after a year from the second.

Lipo filling is wrinkle fillingin combination with PRP-platelet-rich plasma monotherapy. Lipofilling, ie the filling of wrinkles with autologous fat tissue in combination with platelet-rich plasma and simultaneous mesotherapy results in extremely spectacular effects. Deep wrinkles are filled in, the skin becomes tighter and smoother, making the face look a few years younger.