body and mind fit

The best way to make body and mind fit

The best and most important way to make the body and mind fit is by having good sleep and some wish to have more sleep too. Sound sleep can have a good impact on one health and experts do say that one should have at least seven to eight hours a day of sleep and with eyes shut at the night. The SL:PT is considered to be the best booster for health and well-being.

The good effect of sleep:

The body needs at least seven to eight hours a day of sleep and when the body gets the required amount of the sleep the immune system cells and the proteins will get the rest that they need and they can fight off any kind of the diseases which will be coming in the way which may be common colds and the flues. Full-fledged sleep can make any vaccine more effective and it is considered to be a plus point for health-related issues. The best part of sleep is that it will help in preventing weight gain and it will help not to add additional weight to the body.

The person who does not get proper sleep will have high production of ghrelin a hormonethat can boost the appetite and the person starts eating which will make the person eat more and more. The other aspect of not having proper sleep is that there is a decrease in the production of the leptonhormone which can indicate to the body that he or she is full. Both combinations will lead the person to overnight eating snacks which can addition add weight to the person. The other most harmful aspect is that one cannot fight the stress without proper sleep and they don’t have enough energy to fight away from the carvings of the junk food.  The person gets exhausted just thinking about the junk food.

The other main aspect is that not having enough sleep will lead the person to have health problems related to heart like high blood pressure or in the long run heart attacks too. The lack of sleep will cause to release the ofcortisol in the body which is considered to be the stress hormone that will trigger the heart to work harder.  It is simply that as the immune system runs the heart also needs to rest and this rest will make the heart work properly and more and more powerfully.The other aspect is that the better the sleep the better the mood one will feel more rested and the energy level will soar if rested well. Sleeping timely will also increase productivity at work as it increases concentration and makes the cognitive function more efficient and this will make the person more successful at work.