Advantages of pool cover

When buying a pool enclosure, there are various aspects to consider in order to find the right model for your own swimming pool. All roofing manufacturers in this segment offer models in different heights. From the high canopy, which can be used like a winter garden, to the half-height to the extra flat canopies. There is also the possibility of responding to individual customer requests with special sizes and shapes. It is actually possible to swim at all heights even when closed. With the ultra-flat roofing, however, this depends on the water level.

Functionality and technical implementation

The basic construction of pool enclosures in Utica, MI is the same for almost all variants. As a rule, it consists of individual segments, one of which is often fixed, which is moved on smoothly running ball-bearing rollers and telescoped into one another to open. There is a variant of a model with attached running rails, the advantage of which is that they can compensate for uneven floors. At the same time, however, they also represent a barrier that one could trip over. To reduce this and for aesthetic reasons, many manufacturers also offer single-sided, reinforced guide rails. A level surface is a prerequisite for running rails embedded in the floor and models without rails that guarantee accessibility. In this area too, if requested, motorization is being used more and more.

Designs and material

The designs also differ. From trapezoidal to arched arches to high roofs, the architecture of which is partly reminiscent of residential buildings. This is clearly visible in the model we have presented, top left, which has straight side walls and a pent roof. The individual elements of a pool cover consist of profiles that form their static framework.

Polycarbonate panes can be divided into two types: The double-walled sheets with a hollow-chamber structure, the advantage of which is their low weight. Because of this, they require less strong aluminum frames and are easier to move. However, the more expensive, solid polycarbonate panes are used more frequently. From an optical point of view, they are the better choice, as they allow you to see through them more clearly. The most expensive and heaviest option is the real glass variant. Due to its weight, it places high demands on the construction, but offers a high degree of stability. With all materials it is possible to design the roofing for the swimming pool in parts or completely in color.