Playing the Game of Teen Patti – Things to Keep in Mind

Playing the Game of Teen Patti – Things to Keep in Mind

Teenpatti is a popular card game originated in India. The primary goal of the game is making the best three cards hand according to the hand ranking & maximize the pot before showdown to win the game. The standard 52-card deck (without jokers) will be used in the game. But, before you start playing this game, make sure you get teen Patti gold India now.

How to Start Playing Teen Patti Card Game Online?

The primary goal of this card game is making best hand with 3 cards related to your hand rankings. The players must be mindful of different ways that will maximize their prize pot and give them the chance to have complete fun when playing teen patty game online.

Play begins with the stake, called as ‘Boot’, from each player. After every player is dealt 3 cards, they have got two options. ‘Seen’ lets players to see the cards whereas ‘Blind’ keeps their cards faced downward. This option is there for the ‘Blind’ player to see their cards & become ‘Seen’ player. Suppose you’re ‘Seen’ player, then you should bet as much as your current stake or twice an amount if a player before you, put a stake, is the ‘Blind’ player.

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Check Out the Rules of Teenpatti

Teenpatti is not a live game online that is tough to understand, these rules are quite easy to understand. An only card that participates in every round is three cards and dealer’s three cards. For a dealer to qualify, dealer should have the Queen and higher as the 3 cards dealt.


To join this game, you will have to place an initial bet (‘or ante’). When game time gets closed, you will get three cards and dealer’s cards will stay closed. Based on the cards you can select if you wish to ‘play’. Also, if you think you may beat dealer with three 3 cards you have dealt, you can ‘play’ that is 1x of your ‘ante’ bet. Then, dealer’s cards can turn over & whoever has better hand, wins the game.

  • Teen Patti game can also be played with three to seven players with 52 cards deck without any jokers.
  • Three cards down will be distributed to every players sitting on a table.
  • Dealer is a player randomly chosen at a start of their first game.
  • Play starts from player sitting on left to dealer after the card distribution.
  • Players will act on the turn according to the cards strength.
  • There’s not any limit of rounds in this game. Player who remains till the end with the higher hand ranking wins a pot.

By accessibility of online Teen Patti game it has opened various options for a lot of dealers to begin their Teen Patti portal & earn better profits. You just need better quality of game software that will attract the players. The website offers the best 3 Patti card game software that you can play anytime and anywhere for free.