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Explore the Best Tonic Waters in Australia

Australian tonic water is a type of soda water that is usually used in mixed drinks. The carbonated beverage includes some flavoring botanicals. This includes quinine taken from cinchona bark, which accounts for its bitter, dry taste. Popularly poured into the gin and tonic since tonic water is known for its versatility. Refreshing soda for nonalcoholic drinks and various cocktails that is enjoyed worldwide.

Spending some time on the tonic water will boost your Saturday afternoon. Into something that tastes like you’re really in a bar. The tonics are interesting in their properties, needing no alcohol. As the years’ pass, some changes happen in tonic water, the easy-drinking and the classic mixer has evolved. From a couple of popular brands to a lot of botanically and creative blends.

How to Drink Tonic Water?

Australian tonic water is normally used in alcohol mixed drinks, yet it’s also enjoyable when poured over ice. A splash of lime juice provides a nice boost with the tart citrus stabilizing the tonic’s bitterness. Tonic’s dry profile makes it a superb dinner drink and a palate cleanser you can sip between courses or bites.

Australian tonic water

Explore the Best Tonics in Australia

  • Fentimans

Fentimans is one of the oldest tonic brands available in the market. Since 1906 it was produced in the UK with a lot of fans down under. These guys have the finest aromatics and botanicals for their botanical brewing tonic style. With a broad range, they assure you there’s something that suits everyone.

  • Capi

Capi was established in 2011, it is a super trendy Australian tonic. That is flavored with the excellent quality natural genuine, it provides the tonic water a pleasing bitterness. The correct amount of lime, lemon, and orange essential oils give this water a refreshing feel. Capi also gives a dry version and a low sugar tonic water, that has an artisan feel.

  • Strangelove

Strangelove’s Tonic No. 8, Indian tonic water flavored with citrus peels with premium cinchona extract. The Australian brand is an expert in premium mixers and low-cal sodas. Their tonic is one of the most well-known in the market for its subtle flavors and versatility.

  • Fever-Tree

Fever-Tree is one of the huge players, their tonic has a global presence. It’s flavored with Congo’s Fever-Tree that is based on spring water. A zipper personality and Mexican Bitter Orange oils to the tonic for a clean profile that makes the gin shine through.

  • East Imperial

East Imperial is a newcomer in Australia, yet boasts more than a decade of beloved by bartenders and Kiwi connoisseurs. The Yuzu tonics and ultra-premium are there for people who like punchy, big flavors. Yet gin purists tend to select for the old-world tonic.

These are some of the popular and best tonic waters in Australia you can try.