Market Salary

Hays; Asia Market Salary Guide For 2022

The pandemic is slowly subsiding which means the growth of the companies will be constant in 2022. Do you want to know about the market growth and its impact on the salary? Read further to find out more about the market salary.

 Impact of pandemic

Pandemic affected the traditional market revenue the most which decreased the general salary of the masses. Big Asian market hubs like China, Singapore, and Hong Kong turned to advanced technology to deal with the impact of pandemics on the market. Work from home became the norm, and it affected the salaries of the employees as well.

Emergence from pandemic

It is the year 2022 now, and the leading organizations in Hong Kong and Asia are showing positive growth. If you have any concerns about the skillset and its shortage across different spheres, the Hays market salary guide will help you out. This salary guide goes into depth about the queries and uncertainties of the companies in Hong Kong and Asia. It covers different topics across various industries as mentioned below.

  • How much active can they expect the recruitment market to be in the year 2022?
  • What challenges will the important sectors of the market face?
  • What job designation will offer people the highest increment in salary?
  • What is the opinion of job pursuers regarding the changed method of job and the plans regarding their career?

Market Salary

All of the above questions will be answered and more in the 2022 salary guide by Hayes. You can also get the important information on the different market sectors and their overview. You will get insight collected from over 9000 employers and professionals in countries of China, Malaysia, Hong Kong SAR, and Singapore. This information will help you delve into the new work environment more effectively.

Highlights from the guide

  • Around 80% of the companies plan to increase the salaries of their employees in the coming year.
  • 52% of companies plan to add more employees to their companies in the upcoming twelve months.
  • Employees will stay in their current company if it offers a proper work-life balance.

You can download a copy of the Hays Asia salary guide and make an informed decision in the future regarding the job market.

You need to fill out some information on the official website, and you will get the downloaded copy of Hayes. So hurry up and download the market salary Hong Kong guide immediately.